Bad smells from the sink, what to do

Bad smells from the sink, what to do

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Bad smells sink: remedies to eliminate the stench that rises up the pipe of the sink. From do-it-yourself to ready-to-use products.

THE bad smells from the sinkthey are not a rare event and it is no wonder. After all, it shouldn't be difficult to imagine: it is precisely in the sink drain that the dirt of pots and plates ends up and with it organic residues and much more.

Sure, the washinor serves to wash other objects ... but it will also be necessary to wash the same sink so that i bad smells may disappear. Plus, with the right advice, i bad smells from the sink will not return!

How to unclog the sink

Before you caneliminate bad smells from the sinkit will be necessary to remove any debris or food residues: if the sink is clogged you will have to use a standard product beforehandliquid hydraulic * or mechanically remove the obstruction by removing the pipes. The mechanical method is undoubtedly more tiring but it is also the safest one. In this paragraph we will see how to unclog the smelly sink as a plumber would do (mechanical method). To unclog the sink with chemicals it is possible to use caustic soda as suggested in the last paragraph.

To unclog a clogged sink it is possible to use special plumber's probes. These probes are able to penetrate into the various drain connections until they intercept and eliminate the obstruction.

Insert the metal probe inside the clogged drain. If thefilling is located in a distal section from the beginning of the drain, you will have to lower a lot of metal wire until it intercepts.

The most effective flexible probes are the spiral ones which allow movement by means of a special knob on the back. Spiral metal probes are very useful for both internal obstructions and external sump obstructions.

Flexible metal probes can be purchased from plumbing or construction stores. It is important to choose a robust and quality product to avoid the risk of breaking the flexible probe during work. Among the various market proposals, we would like to point out an excellent pipe opening probe with a manually operated knob. The probe in question is 10 meters long, has a knob with a wooden handle and is suitable for unclogging the classic internal pipes, sewers or the garden well. The product is offered on Amazon at a price of 17.91 euros with free shipping.

Bad smells from the sink, natural remedies

Thebad smellrising from the exhaust of thesinkit will probably be caused by bacterial activity initiated due to the accumulation of organic residues, so it is crucial to ensure that the drain is free of any debris.

Coarse salt and bicarbonate

If the sink is not clogged but only dirty, the organic residues (and with them the bad smells) can be eliminated with a mixture of coarse salt and sodium bicarbonate. How to proceed?

-Pour 5 tablespoons of coarse salt into the sink drain
-Pour 5 tablespoons of baking soda into the sink drain
-Pour 2 liters of boiling water (brought to 100 ° C on the stove)

With these three simple steps you will be able to eliminate the stagnation of the drain e unclog the sink from slight obstructions.

The lemon

For eliminate bad smells from the sink you can also use lemon which is able to perform an excellent disinfectant action. Pour a glass of lemon juice down the drain and let it act (so do not reopen the tap water for at least a couple of hours). Lemon can be used in many household chores, take a look at the articleThe alternative uses of lemon.

The vinegar

Like lemon juice, vinegar is also an excellent ally for household chores and if heated it can have a good disinfectant effect and eliminate bad smells from the sink. In a cup of hot vinegar, dissolve some coarse salt.

Pour the mixture down the drain smelly sinkand after about an hour, pour a liter of boiling water.

For eliminate bad smells from the sink, 130 ml of vinegar can be mixed with 130 grams of baking soda. To find out about the alternative uses of vinegar in household chores, consult the articleHow to clean with vinegar.

* Eliminate bad smells from the sink with drain cleaners and caustic soda

Products such as liquid plumbers or hydraulic drain cleaners, you can find them at Leroy Marlin or in any well-stocked supermarket, are also present on Amazon but in any case they should be avoided!

These products are generally based on caustic soda and are very harmful to human health and the environment. When using, be careful to follow the manufacturer's instructions in detail because these are corrosive substances that are very harmful to health. We advise you to use them by wearing a mask that can protect and cover the respiratory tract (mouth and nose). If inhaled, the fumes produced by these disgorgants can damage the mucous membranes of the oral and nasal cavity. Use any "disgorgante "responsibly and with due precautions.

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