Air quality in the home: how to improve it

Air quality in the home: how to improve it

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There air quality in the house it is an element that can impact in a way important on our health and which we very often underestimate. The press usually deals with the issue of air pollution in the streets more frequently, perhaps because it is easier to provoke debates and discussions while insteadair inside our homes comes rarely considered.

At most, let's read some generic advice on the advisability of ventilate often the rooms but unfortunately it is not always possible. Leaving the windows open when we are not at home can be dangerous because it could facilitate access to apartment thieves or more simply could make us find the house partially flooded by a possible storm. In addition, given that the climate in Italy goes from cold to extreme heat more and more suddenly, even in summer the possibility that our windows remain closed increases, to maximize the effectiveness of the air conditioning.

The fine dust and the cigarette smoke there are two possible causes of abad quality air. Another source of decidedly unpleasant bad smells are old bathroom plumbing and with malfunctioning drains.

Another source of bad smells that worsen air quality are food leftovers which we now have to collect separately in special containers: a sure help for the community that must be pursued but also an "extra nuisance" to which be careful to maintain the air quality of our apartment.

Other bad smell to fight? That of humidity! That comes from mold or wet laundry put to dry at home.

THE odor-absorbing deodorants help against these problems, as well as air ionizers but the real enemy number 1 of the air we breathe in our homes is another. The worst enemy and the most difficult to fight is the formaldehyde!

Formaldehyde is a substance that can be present in our furniture, carpets, glues and even detergents used for cleaning the house. When the percentage of formaldehyde contained in the air of the rooms in which we live, ailments such as headaches, eye irritation and a sense of fatigue can begin to arise.

To eliminate this risk, there are specific technologies capable of absorbing and neutralizing formaldehyde. These are technological materials such as "Activ'Air®", A Saint-Gobain Gyproc patented solution, whose effectiveness has been tested by laboratories such as Eurofins, specialized and internationally recognized in the field of indoor air quality analysis.

Activ'Air® it is a material with which they can be madewalls and countertops during renovations which, in addition to eliminating the risk of formaldehyde emissions, can ensure savings on heating and air conditioning costs.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc, leader in the world building market for over 350 years in the production of innovative materials that help improve living comfort, to explain in a simple way theimportance of air quality in the home, has made a video with which he presents the 4 main polluting sources:

In case you are planning to invest to renovate your home know that this is the right time as there are good tax incentives available.

Video: How to improve indoor air quality at home. Philips (June 2022).


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