Dog farms in Italy: the interactive map

Dog farms in Italy: the interactive map

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The dog farms in Italy are several hundreds distributed over a large part of the territory: to satisfy the many requests of our users who write to us to ask for advice on good dog farms where to buy a particular breed, we have decided to create a map in which we will add all the reliable farms that we already know exist and those that will be reported to us (after appropriate checks).

For each dog breeding in the map you will find a brief description of the activity and a direct link to the official website.

If you know a good dog breeding in Italy and you want to report it, you can send us an email at [email protected] with subject: "Reporting dog breeding“.

The dog farms in Italy can be recognized byENCI (Italian National Dog Association) or they can be managed by private individuals at an amateur level, who start their breeding by mating animals of a particular breed with ENCI pedigrees.

Unlike what happens for other lists of farms present on other sites, the inclusion in our map is completely free: anyone can report a dog farm located in any place in Italy and our editorial staff, after the necessary checks, will provide to insert it into the map.

The links included in the map are also directed to the official farm site and are not mediated by tracking systems aimed at asking for a payment in exchange for the number of clicks conveyed.

Ours is simply a service for our users who want to look for a dog farm near their home in order to buy puppies or for other needs.

Similarly, if anyone finds errors or inaccuracies, they can send us a report and we will make any corrections.

After our editorial team has verified the data provided, the farm may, at its discretion, insert the "IdeeGreen certified breeding farm" logo on its website available below, with a link to this map.

For those wishing to limit themselves to a copy and paste, here is the HTML code to be used to insert the "IdeeGreen certified breeding farm" logo with a link to this map.

<a href=”” target=”_top”><img src=”‎idee-2021/10692/image_iX7Z7unnmW7du6.jpg” alt=”Allevamento certificati IdeeGreen” border=”0″></a>

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