Devon Rex: character and price

Devon Rex: character and price

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Devon Rex, either you love it or you don't like it. But it is a cat of character, very sweet, and of appearance, without a doubt that it gives the eye. He was born in Great Britain in the 60s, on Devon Rex, and it is recognized by its huge ears, curly hair and short muzzle. It also proves to be an excellent apartment cat, even a little chilly and a stalker.

Devon Rex: origin

With its beautiful curly hair "once upon a time there was a cat" who lived in an abandoned mine, near the house of the lady Cox, in Buckfastleigh, in Devonshire". It seems like a fairytale, we are in England in the 1960s, and if it were a fairytale it would be one of love.

Because this cat has mated, but seriously, with the cat of the Cox house and here is the Devon Rex. No, not quite like that, a curly kitten was born, only one, called Kirlee and then a collaboration with a breeder of Cornish hence the Devon Rex.

On the genes responsible for the mutation of the hair in Devon Rex and in Cornish there was different labor, only to understand that they were different and recessive. The short and wavy coat of the Devon Rex it is given by the “king” gene which affects all three types of hair: guard, undercoat and dominant.

In the end, the history of the Devon Rex and of the breed, officially recognized in 1967, after a careful program of crossbreeding with breeds such as Burmese, Siamese is British to decrease the possibility of transmission of a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

Devon Rex: I'm waiting

The Devon Rex it has a more than recognizable aspect and standard and if you have even seen one in passing, you will remember. Has big ears, curly hair and pointed muzzle. Let's see it better, though. The ears are really very large, counting that it is a medium-small breed as a cat, they are wide and then rounded, covered with a thin hair that ends in a tuft.

The eyes of the Devon Rex they are large, too, and oval: their color depends on that of the coat. They are inserted into a pointed head, with protruding cheekbones and rather angular “features”, with the curiosity of curly mustache and eyebrows.

It is not a big cat Devon Rex, but he is muscular and powerful and rather long and thin legs, with small and oval feet. The tail tapers more and more, and is covered with short and wavy hair. The mantle, so peculiar to the Devon Rex, it is short and curly, wavy, with or without guard hair, a little tousled.

It can be any color but the Devon Rex most common is the Tortie black and the blue (with or without white spots). Even white tints are also frequent, with or without branding. The standard variety Siamese, rarer and with blue eyes, it is said Si-Rex, in the other types the eyes are also green or yellow.

Devon Rex: character

Lively, cheerful, curious and affectionate: the Devon Rex he has an excellent character and is not at all spiteful, especially considering the average of cats. Needs a lot of attention and if you have to reproach him for something, it is that he continually and heavily needs it. So much so that he can follow his master around the house hoping that “a caress will escape us” in passing.

There is someone who defines the Devon Rex shy, in truth it is a outgoing and sociable cat, even with other animals with which it coexists without problems. And with children it proves as well as fantastic.

The Devon Rex it is not cat for those who are never at home, okay for families with children even small ones, and with those who need an animal that stands on its own but not too much. At home he sticks his nose everywhere, not out of spite but because attracted by everything, from plastic bags to the books and magazines you are reading, he is athletic, but not an acrobat like his colleague Cornish Rex.

Devon Rex: price

The price of a puppy's Devon Rex "Dance" from 400 to 800 euros. It depends on the colors, the standards, but it doesn't have to depend on health because pedigree and documents you must claim them all in order. And then, when if you are considering getting one, find out about the care it needs, Nothing unattainable.

It is cold and we could also find it under the covers: it is fine in the apartment Devon Rex, so he is even more pampered and happy. Then he likes to go out, even on a leash, but he prefers to go home and be in the company of his master.

In the rooms it is not a problem to see him turn regarding the loss of hair because he has almost no moult, his so curly coat needs rare brushing, every now and then. The very large ears, on the other hand, must be cleaned carefully with a lot of care, weekly and, while we're at it, even the nails are to be trimmed.

Devon Rex: breeding

Recognized by the World Cat Federation, AFI, AFSI and the Italian Feline Movement MFI (ICB) a stone's throw from the capital there is a cat farm Devon Rex said "The Elves of Nero" born and living on passion. Yes, because for such a cat, you have to go crazy and devote time and energy to get kittens like the ones proposed here.

"The Devon Rex he bewitched us and affectionately took his place inside the heart of each of us. Never again without a Devon ”they tell on the site, assuring that their puppies are sociable, lively and above all very affectionate. The little ones of Devon Rex de "The Elves of Nero"Are sold at about three months of age, after two vaccinations and treatment with deworming, never without a visit to the veterinarian who issues the certificate of good health.

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