Jet Lag, the best natural remedies

Jet lag: natural remedies, causes, symptoms, meaning of the term and all the information to better deal with the time zone change.

Thejet lag(which readsjet leg), often referred to asmelt pain, is a medical condition that occurs when one travels around the world by moving between two states with different time zones.

The termjet lagcan be properly translated as "dysrhythmia" or "discoloration" or again "disynchronosis circadian". It is the termcircadian disynchronosisto fully explain the cause of the symptoms that characterize thejet lag: the phenomenon occurs acauseof the alteration of normal circadian rhythms. Melatonin marks the sleep-wake rhythms, which is why melatonin is often administered through sublingual tablets to counteract jet lag.

Jet Lag - Symptoms

THEsymptomsmore common thanjet lagI'mtiredness, exhaustion, confusion, difficulty concentrating and restoring the normal sleep-wake cycle. Between symptoms, therefore, it is possible to include insomnia and the persistent feeling of being sleepy. The complete list of potentialssymptomsof thejet legI'm:

  • migraine
  • asthenia (physical exhaustion, excessive fatigue) accompanied by slowness of movement
  • difficulty thinking
  • difficulty in physiological eloqui
  • feeling of lack of refreshment upon awakening
  • automatic limb movements
  • excessive tearing of the eyes
  • dry mouth

Thecausesof thejet lagare to be connected to the lack of sleep due to the alteration of the so-calledbiological clockin particular to the circadian cycle that regulates the production of hormones, neuromediators and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonia, gamma aminobutyric acid, enkephalins, endorphins ... in this scenario a pivotal role is played by melatonin, in fact we will mention it among the main onesnatural remediesto the jet lag.

Jet Lag - Natural Remedies


The circadian rhythm is marked by this substance, naturally produced by the epiphysis, an endocrine gland also known aspineal gland. Taking melatonin to combat jet lag is recommended by many experts. For more information, I refer you to the article melatonin, uses and benefits.

To assist the action of melatonin, it is recommended to combine it with passionflower or other herbs with strong relaxing properties.

Beware of drinks!

Avoid alcoholic beverages but also substances with vasoconstrictive power, namely coffee, tea, coca-cola, energy drinks ... Prefer relaxing herbal teas or chamomile-based drinks. Among the recommended herbs is passionflower, a herbal remedy widely used in phytotherapy.

Try to stay well hydrated: hydration will help you fight the sense of fatigue. To hydrate the body, remember to drink the classic 8 glasses of water, add a few more glasses to cope with water losses related to stress and physical activity in view of the airport.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

For eliminate the symptoms of jet lag, once at your destination (or back home), you can count on the power of essential oils. Betweennatural remediesand alternative aromatherapy is configured. The essential oils to use are those that trigger a feeling of relaxation, among the best we recommend the essential oil of lavender and the essential oil of sweet orange to be spread in a room with little light.

In addition to aroma diffusers, use essential oils to prepare relaxing ointments and sedative baths. The ointments can be used for a long relaxing massage, indicated to relax the muscles and release tension, it is the massage with hot stones.

Take care of your nutrition

When traveling by plane, avoid eating excessively processed foods. Keep yourself well hydrated and treat yourself to a light and balanced meal. Eat foods that are easy to digest so as not to strain your body further: avoid fried foods, sweets and high-calorie foods.

For small variations on the time zone

If your journey will only take you a couple of hours forward or backward in time, try varying your sleep habits by bringing forward or postponing the time you go to bed.

Positive emotions

THE symptoms of jet lag they are clear! To avoid lethargy, try to make appointments with new and stimulating recreational activities, preferably outdoors and which include a touch of physical activity. Take a big load of enthusiasm and positive emotions: serotonin, adrenaline and endorphins can help you combat the symptoms of jetlag.

A remedy more natural of the hormonal responses induced by our humoral loads does not exist!

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