Epagneul breton: character and price

Epagneul breton: character and price

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Breton spaniel, a hunting dog, especially pointing, pointing that does everything by itself, an excellent companion for expert hunters, but not only. It is supposed to be of French origin, is an officially recognized breed, and does both what its English colleagues do, such as the Pointer and i Setter, that is to raise the game, both what the Retrievers and the Spaniels do, that is to locate it and bring it back to the owner. L'Epagneul breton he knows his stuff and is two dogs in one even if it weighs only 18 kg maximum.

Epagneul breton: origin

There are two hypotheses that prevail and contradict each other on the origin ofEpagneul breton. One says that it developed in France and that the name derives from the verb to crouch, (espanirs, in French). On the other hand there are those who think thatEpagneul breton is the result of crosses of orange-white Setter with other French dogs.

The breed has been recognized fairly recently, the beginning of the selection work dates back to 1860 and as ancestor we can mention a missing dog: '"It's Spaniel de Fougères ”. The Breton Spaniel has always been at the side of Breton hunters, there he was born and raised and learned to hunt woodcock. But also to live as a dog and live with humans.

The debut in society of'Epagneul breton arrives at the end of the 19th century, at an exhibition in Paris in 1896. Some specimens of this breed at the time newly recognized, subjected to the Count of Camburg are not immediately liked but a few years later, from 1903, the Epagneul breton began to be known and recognized and found its place, both in Italy and in France.

Epagneul breton: aspect

The weight of the Epagneul breton it ranges from 14 to 18 kg, on average, with heavier males, about 50 cm tall at the withers, females a few cm less. His is a medium size with one balanced structure, muscular but never stocky.

The head has rounded lines and the muzzle is not elongated, the ears are rounded and short, covered with a longer hair than the rest of the body, which makes the appearance curious and nice. The eyes of Epagneul breton they are a little sunken but of a nice dark amber color, the body is short and straight and ends with a tail of about 10 cm, which ends with a tuft of wavy hair.

On the whole body, tail and ears part, the hair of the Epagneul breton it is dense and slightly wavy, but short. The most common color is white, always spotted with intense orange or red-brown to black. In France there are also other "new" colors from us, such as blue-gray with brown spots (Epagneul of Picardy) and those of'Epagneul di Pont-Audemer.

Epagneul breton: character

L' Epagneul breton he is a lively and very intelligent dog but he is very jealous and does nothing to hide it, quite the contrary. In truth, apart from the fact that in the presence of other animals that threaten the position of family dog, theEpagneul breton he is an adaptable and reasonable dog, sensitive and reserved but also outgoing.

He is considered by many to be easy to train, he listens to his master a lot even if he is not a hunter as he wishes, he is docile and obedient, calm but playful and patient with children. However, when a puppy appears that is not a child, but another animal, the Epagneul breton he feels threatened and expressing this feeling with incorrect behavior or with obvious aggression towards the newcomer.

Being a pointing dog, used to running here and looking for prey and bringing them back, the Breton Spaniel is not an easy dog ​​to keep in an apartment if you don't want to dedicate time for long walks. In fact, over the years he has been selected to be very active, and if he feels repressed he gets depressed.

Epagneul breton: price

Although not large and not a very well-known dog, among those in his circle, the Epagneul breton it does not have exorbitant prices. They range from 200 to 400 euros, for now, but they could increase with the popularity I wish for this breed. It comes with the price up to 400-500 but always with booklet, pedigree and a medical examination to ensure the health of our purchase.

Epagneul breton: video

To see the actionEpagneul breton there is an excellent video that shows them at work. It is a very obedient dog and it is a pleasure to have him as a companion.

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Video: Naya 3 mois Epagneul Breton Vient de lElevage du Moulin de Leuville (June 2022).


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