Star anise, the herbal tea for well-being

Star anise tea: properties, preparation and beneficial effects of star anise and its preparations.

L'star aniseowes its name to two factors: the characteristic shape of its fruits to "8-pointed star"And the high content ofanetholethe person responsible for the anise aroma. L'star anisehas no botanical relationship with thegreen anise, yet they share the same scent dictated by this aromatic compound, also typical of dill and fennel.

L'star aniseowes its fame toshikimic acid(or scichimico), highly exploited by the pharmaceutical industry for the production of antiviral vaccines, first of all, theTamiflu, used in the prophylaxis of influenza A and B. It is no coincidence that the price ofstar aniseskyrocketed in 2009, in the full boom of swine flu, when the pharmaceutical industry produced a large number of influenza vaccines and for this reason star anise hoarding was unparalleled (the scarcity of raw material has caused prices of star anise). For all information, I refer you to the article dedicated toProperties of star anise.

Star aniseed herbal tea - Properties and recipe

Star anise has digestive properties (useful against bloating and abdominal spasms), antioxidants (prevents the formation of free radicals), expectorants (helps fight febrile states, colds and coughs), antimicrobials (fights infections) and galactogenic ( in maternity, it stimulates the secretion of breast milk).

To make the most of theproperties of star aniseit is possible to use the flowers intact or powdered. In the case of star anise powder, its flowers have been finely crushed to obtain a powder to be used in the kitchen for different purposes like other spices.

Starting from star anise powder it is possible to prepare excellent herbal teas: 1 gram of star anise powder in a 250 ml cup is enough. In any case, there are filters on the market that can be infused to obtain ready-to-use herbal teas. For greater action, star anise can be combined with other spices. Infuse (for 10 minutes in 250 ml of boiling water) one cm of ginger. Filter and add 1 g of star anise powder. A herbal tea based on star anise and passion flower is the perfect hot drink before going to sleep (it helps to relax and fights insomnia).

Where to buy star anise?

In the shops specialized in the sale ofspices and natural products, thestar aniseit can be purchased through online shopping. On Amazon you can findstar anisenatural (even if with the shipment there is the risk of receiving part of the product not intact, therefore not suitable for use as decoration), in powder, star anise-based liqueur and in the form of essential oil. For completeness, we refer you to the pages of some of the products mentioned.

Star anise powder - 100 g pack.
Price: € 8.75 with free shipping.
Powdered star anise is perfect for the preparation of flavored herbal teas with a high content of active ingredients that are allies of our health. In the kitchen, star anise can be added to soups, soups and first courses: it is recommended to add it only after cooking to avoid losing the aroma.

Star anise powder can be added to the dough of bread, biscuits and other baked goods to flavor and add a spicy note.

Organic Essential Oil of Star Anise - 10ml - 100% Pure
Price: € 7.95 with free shipping.
L'essential oil of star anise it is excellent in aromatherapy, to perfume rooms, to make scented candles, do-it-yourself soaps and cosmetic products. The extracted oil counts highproperty antiseptic and antibacterial against a large number of microorganisms. Star anise essential oil can be added to a good do-it-yourself anti-acne tonic.

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