The car with Lego wheels that conquers everyone

Have you ever played with the Lego or other constructions of this kind? If your answer is yes, then because none of you have ever thought of creating areal car with those little bits? Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, two very young boys, did it: using more than 500,000 LEGO pieces they managed to build acarpowered by compressed air capable of driving like a small city car.

The hilarious car reaches a top speed of 30 km / h but the engine has been deliberately downsized: "we were afraid that the Lego pieces could be dismantled, so we preferred a slower journey ". L'carit is entirely made of lego, from the steering wheel to the seats, from the bodywork to the engine ... the only foreign component is the rubber wheels but to counterbalance, these were immediately equipped with LEGO wheels!


Returning to the engine, this is made up of 4 compressed air-operated pistons. Compressed air traction is an excellent innovation in the field of sustainable mobility, unfortunately still little exploited, perhaps this fun project will inspire real manufacturers in the sector to launch authentic compressed air cars.

The diet is 100% sustainable even if thecarit is clearly anti-ecological: it is made of plastic and does not guarantee a long-lasting life cycle, the only positive side is that it is a completelyrecyclable:if the pilot ever crashes and the LEGO pieces jump away from the fragile structure… the two young boys might well think about building a new vehicle, perhaps a raft complete with intelligent controls!


To build thecarit took 18 months of hard work. L'car in LEGOwon everyone's hearts and was launched with a simple tweet. Most likely thecar in LEGOwould not pass the classics crash test but this is not the only reason why we will never see it on the road: the estimated value for each car in LEGO is around 60,000 dollars!

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