Tips for the broth

Tips for the broth

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To degrease the broth pour it hot into a bowl, dip a napkin or a sheet of absorbent paper in it, let it cool and remove the napkin. You will notice that all the fat that came to the surface will have congealed on the napkin and the broth will have become 'lean'.

To perfume a broth simple or narrow, you can add a few drops of tamari sauce (which would be soy sauce) or a touch of saffron, a grated nutmeg, a little port or dry sherry.

The secret of good broth however, it is in the ingredients, which must first of all be uncontaminated by chemicals (in the case of vegetables) and by things other than a healthy free-range diet (in the case of meats).

Let's take the broth chicken, which is very tasty and goes very well with tortellini, and which is advisable to prepare yourself if you want to make a good impression on the table. Make sure that the hen comes from an organic farm and has not spent its existence in a cage producing eggs bombarded with antibiotics. You will feel the difference at the first spoonful.

A great broth it can also be done with capon, with a less tasty result but with the advantage of a lower quantity of fat and the possibility of being able to serve tender meats as a delicate second course (which is not recommended with hen, which at the limit you can turn into a mess or paté).

Many high-end restaurants, especially in the northern regions and in the cold season, are re-evaluating the polite habit of serving a nice cup of broth hot chicken (or capon) at the beginning of the meal. It is an excellent aperitif, it warms and prepares the stomach for an important lunch. It also makes a good impression and can be an opportunity to show guests a tea set that you may never have used.

If the broth is beef, mixed cuts that are not too lean and certainly the addition of some bones are recommended. The broth of beef is leaner than that of hen and less oily, the final degreasing may also be superfluous. Chicken, capon or beef, to give more flavor to the broth carrots, celery and onions are used, which you can then eat cooked. Salt just enough and towards the end, so as not to hinder the release of the meat's nutrients.

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