Agriculture: how are things going?

Agriculture: how are things going?

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Agriculture in Italy, how are things? While waiting for the final national data for 2013, we see the numbers of Veneto (made available by Veneto Agriculture) which is an important region in the sector.

The first impression is of a year gone so-so, actually badly. L'agriculture and more generally, the primary agri-food sector in Veneto saw a decrease in 2013 both the number of agricultural enterprises (-6.3%) and that of food industry enterprises (-0.1%). The number of employed in agriculture: -14.6% in farms and -3.2% in the food industry.

On the production front, according to Veneto experts Agriculture that just in these days they are preparing the annual report, the unusual and atypical climatic trend of spring 2013, characterized by heavy and frequent rains, has left a negative sign, which was quite easy to predict.

L'agriculture in Veneto, understood as agricultural production, has recorded a growth of corn and soy as a result above all of the leniency of climatic conditions in the second half of the year. On the other hand, the data relating to the harvest of autumn-winter cereals such as wheat, which suffered from the abundant rains of the first part of the year, were negative.

These first data relating to the trend ofagriculture in Veneto seem to partially disprove the optimism breathed during the meeting Economy under the umbrella in Lignano Pineta in August 2013. Not that the sparkling wine was uncorked, but at that time there was talk of a + 0.1% growth in agricultural sector in the first quarter of last year, accompanied by two positive phenomena: the creation of new jobs and the approach of many young people under 35 (+ 9%).

The meeting of Lignano had however brought attention to one of the problems ofagriculture Italian: unfair competition from products that imitate our own (dumping). The numbers are impressive: compared to an overall export of Italian agri-food products of about 20 billion euros per year, the Italian sounding products (but of non-Italian origin) sold on foreign markets have a value that can be calculated in about 60 billion euros.

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