Cardboard furniture and accessories

With the treatment of the wood we obtain sheets of paper, with the pressing of the paper we obtain wood. Simple isn't it? This is how icardboard furniture. The idea ofcardboard furnitureis not new, the first successful creations are prior to 2010 and on the occasion of Milan Design Week, a German designer presented furnitureand other pieces of furniture made with recycled newspapers.

Mieke Meijer, the German designer, decided to transform the newspaper sheets into a material that has the same texture as wood. Not just niche projects and products, icardboard furniturethey are a mass phenomenon also thanks to companies that, combining modernity and innovation, produce furnishing accessories and objects in recyclable and ecological cardboard. The Pisan company stands out in Italy "M3 cardboard furnishes" which offers a series of objects and furniture made entirely in cardboard.


It was unthinkable, just a few years ago, to imagine that one could sit on a sheet of cardboard folded on itself; but thanks to growing technological innovation, feasibility studies and the improvement of mechanical devices, the Kubedesign company has managed to create increasingly accurate accessories, both in detail and performance. Much more minimal are the proposals of the manufacturer Karton.

Not onlycardboard furniturecars were also made with this material. The German brand of Mercedes presented a Smart For Two entirely made of recycled and recyclable cardboard.


The protagonists of this curious exercise in style are the famous Berlin artist Sarah Illenberger and CartonDruck Ag, a German company specializing in the production of cardboard packaging. The final product was the customization of a Smart For Two withtotally recycled colored cardboard. Not only the entire external bodywork has been customized but also parts of the interior. The car was presented at the Paris Motor Show and was a real eco-sustainability hit back in 2010.

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