How to relieve urticaria

How to relieve urticaria

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How to relieve urticaria: urticaria occurs with a localized or generalized rash; it can be temporary and can be treated quickly and easily. However, it should be noted that this guide does not replace the opinion of a specialist, therefore medical advice is always recommended.

Urticaria is caused by contact with a particularly irritating plant species; one species among many is poison ivy. Relieving the symptoms of urticaria will help you to endure the rash until it has completely disappeared.

How to relieve urticaria, useful tips

  • Wash anything that may have come into contact with the origin of your hives: hair, clothes, bags and accessories
  • Rub your hands thoroughly and also clean under your nails with soap and running water

How to relieve urticaria, natural remedies

  • Among the natural remedies to relieve hives is to apply a cold pack: just soak a towel or cloth in cold water, alternatively you can wrap some cloth around ice cubes.
  • As an alternative to cold water, you can use cold milk, the important thing is that it is whole milk: it would be the lipid component of whole milk to soothe the urticaria and provide relief. The packs thus prepared are able to reduce itching, compress blood vessels and produce blisters.
  • Among the essential oils effective against urticaria we find the essential oil of sandalwood: just spread it on the affected area. Attention must first dilute it in a neutral oil, such as almond oil, in the ratio of 3 drops of essence to a tablespoon of oil.
  • Aloe gel is also very effective: it has an emollient, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing action on the skin, thus reducing inflammation and relieving itching.
  • If you prefer herbal remedies, calamine-based soothing lotions can be found on the market. There is no shortage of anti-itch patches to soothe urticaria.

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