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Summer pruning, when and how

Summer pruning, when and how

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Among the operations of managing a garden or a vegetable garden we find the summer pruning, a necessary operation to obtain certain aesthetic or production results: it consists in cutting some parts of the plant. The activities of summer pruning they are practiced between the end of June and mid-September but before pruning it is necessary to obtain the necessary and be aware of which plants to intervene on.

There summer pruning also called green, it differs from the autumn or spring one; absolutely not to act indiscriminately! It is essential to carefully choose fruit trees that need thinning. The basic rule is to cut only when it is really needed. What happens to the plant you cut too much? It may lose nutrients and fruiting may be impaired. Let's see in detail what tools we need and how to proceed.

Summer pruning, tools

  • Specific gloves for pruning (anti-cut and anti-scratch)
  • Well sharpened shears

Make sure that the tools are well sterilized and do not forget to take bags or containers to collect the grass clippings and small prunings.

Summer pruning, ornamental plants

In the summer period the wisteria has the opportunity to expand… ..maybe too much. In this case, prune the plant by removing suckers and branches: you will stimulate flowering. Operation to be done between July and August.

As for the roses it is good to limit yourself to a topping (or "deadheading"). In this case the flower will limit the production of seeds and the flowering will be more intense.

Summer pruning, fruit plants
There summer pruning in fruit trees it consists in carrying out the topping, flaking, twisting and thinning of the fruit. According to experts in the sector, summer pruning is one of the most difficult practices: not all fruit plants must be pruned in the same way as for example the varieties that have the stone. These can be pruned only to keep the foliage clean, healthy and tidy since they are orchards that react little to pruning and their wood heals much less quickly.
In principle, we proceed with the pruning of those plants that have already produced fruit, such as, for example, apricot, raspberry, lemon and currant. Another operation consists in removing the vast majority of the branches that have fructified.

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