Bicycle lights, the best

Bicycle lights, the best

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Those who ride in the fog or simply after sunset cannot do without bicycle lights. The classic reflectors are not enough: they are not visible at high distances and above all they do not illuminate the road to the cyclist. The market offers different types of bicycle lights, the most energy efficient are undoubtedly the LED lights.

Among the accessories for cyclists a couple of lights can not miss. The cyclist can choose between lights to be anchored to the wheel (very spectacular!) or lights to be positioned in front and rear position of the bicycle. Visibility on a bicycle is essential. A LED rear light, rechargeable via USB port, with high beam function and weighing 50 grams, costs approximately 40 euros; The bicycle lights they can be placed just below the flywheel or on the back of the saddle. As already mentioned, there are bicycle lights more choreographic, it is about details led lights which, if applied to the wheels, can guarantee excellent visibility!

There LED light for the wheels of bicycles it must be fixed like any reflector: it is pressed on the spokes from the wheel and slides towards the rim, it is firmly fixed and maintains its position even during the wildest races. These lights they are very easy to apply, adhere to the wheels and can be used in two different ways: with fixed or intermittent light.

This is the case of the Monkey Lights, perfect for those aiming for the most original visibility. There are different models ofMonkey Light, distinguishable not only for their shape but also for their technical characteristics. Lights LED for bicycles more sober (and cheaper) are those of the LED Safety Light and LED SpokeLit line.

I Led SpokeLit guarantees excellent performance and the price is 12.96 euros with free shipping. For all information, please refer to the official product page: Led Spokelit, Green.

Monkey Light it can be purchased on Amazon at different prices depending on the models. The one visible in the picture is the M210 which offers 20 different graphics, made with 10 ultra-bright full LEDs and can be bought on Amazon at a price of 24.45 euros with free shipping. For all information, please refer to the official product page: Monkey Light Led Bicycle Lights.

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