How to evaluate a house for purchase

How to evaluate a house for purchase

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About to buy a house where do we start? What are the most important things to consider in order not to have surprises or to get scammed? There are bureaucratic and technical aspects that require attention, then there are others that depend only on our tastes and it is good to have clear ideas. A 'green' evaluation of house to buy certainly takes into account the bureaucracy, but also the elements of social value of the context and the building.

Bureaucratic aspects. Before buy a house some documents must be requested and verified. The first is the building permit issued by the Municipality at the time of construction and accompanied by any requests for amnesty for amnesties of subsequent interventions. The second is the certificate of habitability: if it is not available, it is good to check with the Technical Office of the Municipality. Then there is the stacking, where it is necessary to verify that the cadastral plan corresponds to the real situation (the cadastral variation is onerous). Finally, it is good to read the condominium regulations (if it is a condominium) to avoid discovering unwelcome clauses and to get a precise idea of ​​the maintenance costs (common parts, garden, etc.).

Structural solidity. The analysis must begin with the roof and the supporting structures, especially if it is a question of rustic or renovated buildings specifically for sale. Always ask for a plan of the structures (location of the pillars and beams) and if it is not available, have it checked by a technician. Beware of attics passed off as habitable: check the capacity of the attic and the insulation of the roof, and always look under the beads that are sometimes used to mask the lack of essential structures and insulation.

Thermal insulation. For the thermal part it is okay that today there are energy classes, but don't take everything for good. Also because there is a way and a way to insulate and the insulating materials are not all the same. Natural insulators such as cork, sheep's wool and wood fiber are breathable and certainly preferable to synthetic ones such as polyurethane even with the same transmittance. If the house is on the top floor or is a villa, check the insulation of the roof well because a lot of the living comfort will depend on this (even and especially in summer).

Soundproofing. The issue is as important as it is thorny because the laws exist but few have practiced them. It is difficult to find a dated multi-storey building that respects the indications of the DPCM 5/12/1997 (which must be considered the reference point) while if you go to the new one this is something to be expected. An apartment where you can hear the footsteps upstairs, the voices of the apartment next door or the noises of the factory across the street is likely to be unlivable. The acoustic quality, internal and of the context, is one of the aspects to be evaluated with great attention at the moment of buy a house. Do not go to see the dream house on Sunday (not only at least) because the activities are closed and the context is less and less noisy than usual.

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Social value of the building. This is very important if you want to have a peaceful life with your neighbors and especially if you have children. More and more people are also looking for a model of sociality in the home that will help them live better, perhaps finding in the neighbors that mutual help that they once gave us by living neighbors in farmhouses, and cohousing or similar experiences are increasingly affirmed. The architecture of the buildings, the materials with which they are built and the context are elements that certainly facilitate (or vice versa penalize) a certain type of sociality.

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