Estimation of consumption of electrical appliances

Estimation of consumption of electrical appliances

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What are the consumption of Electrical devices Most common? How much does the use of our TV weigh on the bill and how much do the computer and the fridge weigh? It is important to ask about the consumption of Electrical devices both in the case of an imminent purchase, and if you want to optimize thepower consumptions households with better use of energy.

To know the consumption of your appliances
To get to know the consumption of Electrical devices that are in operation in our home, we can check the instruction booklets or the portal of the manufacturer or, alternatively, we can use a special device. There is no shortage of devices on the market to detect the various energy consumptions giving weekly, monthly feedback or calculations in real time.

If you are in the process of a new purchase
If you are undecided on which model of household appliance to choose, rely on the energy label or the TopTen guide proposed by the wwf. Based on the energy class in question, it is possible to hypothesize the relative electricity consumption, for example, a Class A electric oven will not consume more than 60 kWh while if we are talking about a Class A washing machine, the consumption will be below 247 kWh. In any case, the consumption of the appliance in question is indicated on the energy label.

Computers, televisions, printers, refrigerators…. to raise public awareness about the issue of energy consumption of Electrical devices, WWF launched the TopTen project. It is a very functional and easy to consult portal: from the main interface you have to choose the category in which we can consult the consumption of Electrical devices more performing (in fact, the top ten in efficiency). The categories are: home, office, lighting and transportation.

By consulting the “Office” category you can check the consumption of Monitors, printers and other electrical devices. The ranking, using the information elaborated by Energy Star, proposes the 10 most efficient appliances. The proposed tables inform the citizen about:

  • make and model, technical characteristics (inches, speed, brightness ...)
  • estimated electrical costs
  • consumption in stand by or in activity
  • indicative price

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