Electric cars, still incentives for 2013

For some days the news has been circulating that for this reason2013 theincentivesfor the purchase ofelectric carsstill amount to 34 million euros. Let's try to understand who can access these2013 car incentives!

The 34 million euros are to be used by the end of2013 and apparently they are still very much available. These funds were made available by the state forincentivizethe purchase of low-emission vehicles, emissions below 120 g / km. It is clear that theelectric carsfall largely into the category!

Theincentivesare primarily intended for the purchase of vehicles used as capital goods in the exercise of businesses, arts and professions or, again, are reserved for the purchase of vehicles intended for use by third parties such as taxis, rental with driver, car-sharing, scheduled and similar services ...

In other words, to access the2013 electric car incentives, you must be a company or a freelancer who must have owned a vehicle more than 10 years old for at least one year! In short, a vehicle that is more than 10 years old must be scrapped
For individuals who want to buy aecological carThere areincentivesequal to € 2.74 million. In any case, the official regulation reads:"... the total funds available for 2013 amounted to 39.4 million euros. The values ​​indicated in the column “Maximum fund quota for specific vehicle category” refer to the maximum portion of the fund ideally available per CO2 emission category. It therefore makes no sense to add the values ​​of the column and its total has no meaning in the context of the legislation ".

How to tell if the incentives are over?
The progress and availability of contributions can be checked directly on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development. Among the useful links you will find the page that describes the conditions of access to2013 car incentives, in fact, these are rather cumbersome procedures that have only financed just over a thousand cars so far!

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