Nutrition and food: how much and what?

Nutrition and food: how much and what?

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What do we have in mind when we talk about nutrition? What do we really need to live? Food, central theme of EXPO 2015, it is a topic that affects us in many ways that we do not reflect enough on: what do we really need, eliminating waste?

These questions are answered by 14 artists of the Anonimartisti Cultural Association, from 18 to 20 October 2013, with the cultural and artistic event 'How much? And what? ’, to Isimbardi Palace in Milan in Corso Monforte 35. The event is sponsored by the Province of Milan, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan, body EXPO, Ministry for Integration and CIA Lombardia. IdeeGreen is among the media partners.

Let's ask ourselves: what are quantity and quality? Quantity/How much, is the property of what can be measured, defined in its size, number, mole. Quantity is the amount of a resource, in the case of food the quantity represents availability and is the mirror of a society's well-being.

Quality/Whatinstead, it describes the intrinsic characteristics of a thing and determines its peculiarities. Quality distinguishes one thing from the others and meets the user's expectations. Quality for the food industry is the standardization of the product which must always be the same as itself.

The event How much? And what? involves numerous Lombard farms, which will promote their products, mostly organic and in any case coming from a sustainable production cycle, with guided tastings to offer visitors a complete overview of the typical regional gastronomic specialties and get to know their ingredients.

On Sunday 20 October the interesting meeting-debate 'From city ​​to countryside: back to the earth, an eco-sustainable choice ' with the writer Ilaria Beretta, author of the book 'A story a month plus one for the teapot', who left Milan to settle in the Monferrato vineyards and reconciles her commitment as a RAI author with the work of the land.

For the whole event, the practical city bicycle maintenance workshop should be noted 'The bike regenerates. Regenerate the bike'To learn the rudiments for ordinary bicycle maintenance (by Stefania Tussi and Marco Fantasia from the Bottega Bici & Radici in Milan) and the exhibition of Chair Plus, cardboard seats with elegant lines that can be assembled in less than a minute because they are made in three pieces 100% made in Italy.

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