How to use the chainsaw

How to use the chainsaw

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To understandhow to use the chainsawyou will have to read the user manual of the instrument purchased, however, there are general advice that we can give you both on the practice of cutting and on the safety rules.

Use the chainsawcorrectly will allow you to minimize maintenance work and ensure your safety. First, thechainsawit must be kept in optimal conditions and with the chain always well sharpened. To prevent injuries, beforeuse the chainsawwear suitable protections such as trousers with anti-cut padding capable of blocking the rotating movement of the chain, footwear with non-slip soles and anti-crushing toes to protect the feet, anti-cut gloves, headphones to protect against noise and glasses to protect the eyes.

The ignition of thechainsawit can be done by fixing the device between the legs, holding it with the left hand and pulling the starter with the right hand. Alternatively, thechainsawit can be locked to the ground with one foot, even in this case the starter will be pulled with the right hand. Therechainsawit must be held firmly with the right hand on the rear handle and with the left on the front, for correctnessuse of the chainsaw, left-handers should also learn to hold the device like right-handers.

The chain ofchainsawgets to spin at a speed of 70-80 km / h. Excellent for cutting but very dangerous for the user who uses it.

General rules for useto the bestthe chainsaw

  • To avoiduse the chainsawwhen you are very tired
  • it is absolutely "forbidden" to cut with a chainsaw while holding the tool above shoulder height: in this position the risk of injury is high because the cut is difficult to manage
  • hold your body slightly to the side, off the cutting plane of the chain and guide barchainsaw
  • therechainsawit must be held with outstretched arms and never with arms close together.

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