Soil pollution, all causes

We talk aboutsoil pollutionwhen in a certain territory levels of contaminants higher than the "norm ", i.e. levels of contaminants that would not be present in "spontaneous "is "natural". L'soil pollutionit becomes more critical when the levels of toxic chemicals are present in concentrations so high as to constitute a risk to health and to the human ecosystem. It is obvious but it is necessary to specify that thecauses of soil pollutionthey are attributable to human activities. Betweencausesmore common are intentional or accidental losses and spills, dumping, extremely intensive production processes, construction activities ...

The accumulation ofpollutants in the soiltocauseof "natural processes "it is also possible, however it is a very rare phenomenon so much so that there are only a few documented cases; an example is the accumulation of high levels of leachate in the soil of Atacama, Chile. This accumulation wascausedfrom natural processes spontaneously present in arid environments. If you think about thecauseof excessive aridity we could speak of climate change and also thecausesof these are attributable to human activities.

Let's summarize some of the main onescauses of soil pollution for human activities:

  • Accidental spills and leaks
    Leaks and spills can occur in several contexts: during the storage, transport or use of chemicals, "spills "uncontrollable.
  • Foundry activities and production processes
    All production processes that involve the use of an oven and / or reaching high temperatures represent a major risk to the environment due tocausethe dispersion of easily penetrating contaminants into thesoil.
  • Agricultural activities
    With intensive farming, a massive spread of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, all dangerous, is expectedsoil pollutants.
  • Transport
    The fine particles, with the rain, tend to accumulate in thesoil.
  • Chemical discharge
    Unfortunately, cases of direct discharge of toxic substances into the subsoil are not rare, illegal landfills are a sad reality on our planet.
  • Landfill waste storage
    The waste that accumulates in landfills, if not treated and stored properly, leads to the release of sewage capable of penetrating into the ground.
  • Intensive farming
    Manure and waste products from intensive farming can be counted amongcausesofsoil pollution.
  • Building activities
    Most of the materials used in the construction industry canpollute the soilLead-based paints are an example of this which, falling from the walls of buildings, penetrate and contaminate the territory.
  • Waste water
    Bad wastewater disposal can cause serious damage to the soil

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