The solar route, with Soco, to Gaza

The solar route, with Soco, to Gaza

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There via solar: there are those who choose it and those who indicate it and those who both and also help others to follow it. Franco Porta, leave the reins of the company born for via solar to his son he decided to train, leaving for Gaza. For now, and to sunny countries.

1) What is SOCO? When was it born and with which mission? Soco provides innovative solar solutions for every type of application, Soco is the solution for those who choose the via solar. Founded in 1986, it has always been involved in electrical power systems such as UPS and stabilizers. In 1999 the great turning point, taking the via solar, that of photovoltaics with the design and construction of the first oasis solar chargers for charging mobile phones and satellites. With the advent of the first in Italy Energy bill, always remaining along the via solar, we have dedicated ourselves to the design and turnkey construction of solar PV systems for homes and industries and in recent years we have started to do Energy Savings is Energy efficiency.

2) What services do you provide? With what guarantees? Who chooses the via solar we offer the complete design of the system and, if required, also its realization, turnkey. In addition to ensuring proper design, we can ensure that we provide first-rate materials with excellent price / quality ratios. Who chooses the via solar we want to provide a system that does not create problems, so the warranty is covered by the terms of the law and in case of breakdowns we undertake to intervene within 24 hours.

3) Who do you contact? Our typical customer is anyone who enters via solar: whether it is Mr. Bianchi or Mr. Rossi. The typology varies. Often our customers are small artisans who choose the for their shed via solar. In general, all those who believe they spend a lot on energy (Enel or Gas bills) are interested: to them, who have not yet chosen the via solar but are looking for solutions, we turn with a free inspection to understand what is best to do.

4) How did the idea of ​​the trip to Gaza come about? What experience was it? The trip is the result of a collaboration with the NGO Earth Wind who had noticed the need to provide technical knowledge and training to local young people so that they can take the via solarand create systems independently. I spent a week in the Palestinian territories from 8 to 15 March following an ideal via solar, to be traced again, this time. More precisely, I touched GAZA City, UM ALNASSER then RAMALLAH, BETHLEHEM and JERUSALEM. At Um Alnasser I did a repair, two projects and some short lessons for Palestinian engineers on how to design small stand alone plants. Then I went to Bethlehem at the Salesian Technical Institute where the director Father Murru asked me for a little lesson on via solar for energy, to students of Electronics. The idea is to create a complete course of solar design.

5) How was the proposal for the solar way received? With a lot of interest: it was the first time that a solar designer Italian was in the Gaza Strip. Even if superficially, the via solar PV is also known to them, the problem is how to "design a solar PV system" based on the consumption of the various buildings. This is what they were looking for to make it easier to travel there via solar. I have given them convincing answers.

6) Will you replicate the experience? I hope so, but it depends on them and their willingness to travel therevia solar, with us. Now I have been following the NGO as "solar missionary", Then" inshallah ". The same has already asked me to illustrate the via solar and intervene in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. I'm available. They also told me about Afghanistan.

7) What has remained of the experience of via solar in Gaza? For some time I have been convinced that the world is changing fast and that the international experiences they allow an enrichment that if you stay still you cannot have. Soco is a small company that tries to survive in the dramatic work situation in Italy, my son has taken over the reins of the company, I have decided to dedicate myself to teaching young people in poor countries via solar and design techniques. Training is much more than building a plant in which no one knows how to get their hands: my mission is to transfer my professional experience along the via solar after more than 50 years of work: this gives me immense joy.

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