Peugeot CE61 electric bike

After the presentation of the concept bike PeugeotDL122,fans of two-wheeled pedals can appreciate thePeugeot CE61 electric bike. TherePeugeot CE61it's acity ​​biketoassisted pedaling, its mission is to facilitate travel in urban centers making them fast and not very tiring, especially uphill.

There Peugeot CE61 electric bikeit has been designed for moving around the city, therefore it is presented to the public with an aluminum frame, ad hoc suspensions and can be equipped with a roof rack so as to make it possible to transport expenses and materials. TherePeugeot CE61 electric bikeit weighs about 26 kilograms. TherePeugeot electric bikeit is equipped with integrated LED lighting


There Peugeot CE61 electric bike it is equipped with a lithium batteryPanasonic(14 Ah and 36V) used to power a 250 W Panasonic motor. With these characteristics, theeBike Peugeot CE61it has a declared autonomy of 130 km. The autonomy is likely but if the bicycle is used at full capacity it is plausible to think of a real autonomy closer to half the declared value.

Thanks to the removable battery, the electric filling can be done comfortably at home.

eBike Peugeot CE61, data sheet

  • Aluminum frame
  • 63mm Suntour NCX bocable fork
  • Shimano Alfine 11-speed gearbox
  • Shimano M445 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Weight of 26.3 kg
  • 28 ″ wheels
  • Motor power equal to 250 W
  • Engine brand, Panasonic
  • Battery type: Li-ion Ni-Co-Mg-36V 14 Ah signed by Panasonic
  • Removable battery
  • Autonomy declared equal to 130 km, with pedal assistance in ECO mode
  • Selling price 2,499 euros


  • Front and rear fender
  • Rear rack
  • Anti-theft protection with wheel lock
  • Front light with a power of 40 Lux
  • Back lighting guaranteed by a BastaRiff LED


This one just described is only one of thePeugeot electric bikes. The range ofebikeofPeugeotit is quite assorted and the price range goes from 1,299 euros for thePeugeot e-Bike CE122up to 2,699 euros of thePeugeot eBike CE71.Thanks to the pedal assistance, made possible by the electric motor, it is possible to travel great distances without suffering the fatigue of the classic bicycle. ThePeugeot electric bikesthey have an integrated motor while the batteries are housed in a special compartment and are removable.

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