Solar backpacks: available products

Solar backpacks: available products

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The solar backpacks they are backpacks with a solar panel connected to a battery and allow us to charge mobile phones and portable consoles on sunny days. Let's see which are the most interesting products available in Italy with relative prices.

The Bresser solar backpack, to which the opening photo of our article refers, is perhaps the product that currently presents the best quality / price ratio.

Aesthetically, it looks like a sober backpack with a pleasant design made with quality materials. It has many pockets, a feature that I personally prefer in backpacks.

The integrated solar panel of 1800 mAh is connected to a 1.5 Watt battery:

Bresser solar backpack with 1800 mAh battery

Very rich is the supply of connectors included in the package with which you can charge iPhone and iPod, Samsung, Nokia (2x), Sony Ericsson and Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP consoles.

USB connectors (female), mini USB and car lighter connector complete the equipment. The measures are 43 x 36.8 x 9 cm and the weight 1.2 kg.

You can buy the Bresser solar backpack on Amazon right now at a price of 41.84 euros.

If you have a higher budget, you can also consider buying the solar backpack proposed by Urban Factory:

The Solar Panel is 2.4 W and also in this case a multitude of adapters are included in the package:

The backpack is 32.5cm x 43.5cm x 16.5cm wide and can therefore hold a 14-inch notebook. The weight is 1.15 kg.

Find other backpacks with solar cells always on Amazon by following this link.

There are two alternatives to using backpacks with integrated solar panels: the first involves the use of foldable solar chargers to spread out in the rays of the sun.

The advantage is that in this way you can have a solar panel with a larger surface to collect the sun's rays, the disadvantage is that you will not be able to expose the panel to the sun while you are walking as is possible with solar backpacks.
Among the most interesting products of this type, I suggest you evaluate the foldable solar charger from Anker at 59.99 euros.

The second alternative to using backpacks with solar panels is the use of portable chargers to be loaded before your excursions. In this case the “ecological” factor of solar energy recharging is missing as you will have to recharge by connecting the battery to an electrical outlet.

The advantage is that the battery will have a considerably greater power, up to 10,000 mAh with consequent reduced times for loading your devices.

The models that I recommend you to evaluate are in this case the Astro 3E charger offered by Anker and the RAVPower charger. Both have a 10,000 mAh battery, are well made and equipped with full connectors.

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