How to get rid of cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite

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How to get rid of cellulite is the question that millions of women ask themselves, especially around the summer months when the "costume test" approaches.

In this article I will present the information I have gathered on the cellulite from the most authoritative sources that I have identified on the net, assuming that I am a man, I do not have cellulite and I am NOT a doctor BUT, precisely because of these factors, I am less influenced by the many advertisements for "miracle creams" or "decidedly disreputable concoctions" that you see advertised on the net or on television. :-)

Let's start with the simplest definition of what cellulite is provided by University of Maryland Medical Center: cellulite is fat that collects in the form of pockets under the skin surface. The areas most affected by cellulite are i hips, the thighs and i buttocks.

This image, taken from Wikimedia Commons, clearly highlights how the "pockets" that create the"orange peel" effect.

There cellulite it affects between 80 and 90% of women who have passed adolescence and in much lower percentages it can also affect men.

Eliminating cellulite is NOT easy, needless to say the opposite, so the wisest behavior is to prevent it or "ARGINAR IT" as soon as possible by putting in place a series of virtuous behavior which, again according to him University of Maryland Medical Center, are the following:

1) Adopt a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber

2) Keep your body hydrated by drinking properly

3) Exercise and exercise regularly to tone your muscles and strengthen your bones

4) Try to keep your weight stable over time (avoiding gaining weight and then adopting strict diets to lose weight)

5) Not smoking

It is important to understand what the causes of cellulite, distinguishing:

- i primary factors (e.g. gender and race)

- i secondary factors (e.g. menstruation, pregnancy and menopause)

- i aggravating factors which are the ones that all women should focus on as minimizing or eliminating them almost exclusively depends on their will! As you will see, they correspond with the recommendations made by the University of Maryland Medical Center. here they are

1) Sedentary lifestyle or too fast weight loss

2) Incorrect diet and in particular too rich in fat, calories and salt which leads to overweight and obesity

3) Incorrect posture, legs constantly crossed or too much time spent standing

4) Clothing too tight (as it does not promote circulation)

5) Shoes that are too tight or with too high heels (as they hinder venous circulation)

6) Stress and smoking

The specific treatments proposed by some medical centers and beauty centers to eliminate cellulite, among which the most common are lymphatic drainage, iontophoresis, pressotherapy, mesotherapy and lipocavitation risk, in my humble opinion, to be only palliatives that do not solve the problems underlying cellulite in a natural and lasting way.

Here then are my links to act individually on the aggravating factors that need to be kept under control:

Supply: I recommend the book One hundred anti-cellulite recipes (7.57 Euros) where you will find valuable tips for proper nutrition, with foods to avoid and those to be preferred

Targeted physical exercises: I suggest you watch the Italian version of the video "Cellulite Never Again”Which in the United States is having a lot of success, also because it does not involve invasive actions.

Stop smoking: I recommend the book "It's easy to quit smoking if you know how to do it" by Allen Carr translated by F. Cesati (8.5 Euros). This book has sold, in Italy alone, over 1,400,000 copies and has received a lot of acclaim

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