Natural pesticides for the garden, practical advice

Have you ever wondered how farmers behaved to defend the crops before the advent of thepesticideschemists? Agriculture was born long before the producers of chemical pesticides. THEnatural pesticides for vegetable gardensthey are less expensive than packaged products and are far safer.

Natural pesticides for the vegetable garden
With thedo-it-yourself, you can prepare a large number ofnatural pesticidesto defend thevegetable garden. Most of the "potions" that we will suggest has its roots in peasant traditions while others are the result of more recent research and studies.

Natural pesticides for the vegetable gardentomato-based - generic pesticide
An example? If you have old tomatoes that have gone bad, you can mix with the water and obtain a liquid solution to spray on the crops to be protected: according to the researchers of the University of North Carolina, the genetic derivative of the tomato would cause a characteristic intolerable odor for many types of parasites.

Natural pesticides for the vegetable gardenbased on garlic - insect repellent
Garlic is a goodnatural pesticide,excellent for keeping insects away fromvegetable garden. Chop 4 cloves of garlic and add them to two teaspoons of mineral oil. Let the mixture sit for at least 12 hours. Sift the oil and add a glass of water and a teaspoon of biodegradable soap. This garlic blend is rich in diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide, which are irritants and deadly to a large number of parasites. This repellent should be applied after 6pm, when the sun goes down.

Natural pesticides for the vegetable gardenbased on chilli - against aphids, thrips and mites
With two teaspoons of ground chilli, half a glass of water and a few drops of biodegradable dish soap, you get an excellent natural remedy to eliminate aphids.

Natural pesticides for the vegetable gardenbased on beer - snail killer
Beer is the most effective natural remedy for removing snails from the garden. Pour some beer into a tin can sunk in the ground. The snails, attracted to hops, will end up in your trap and can be removed from the garden.

Natural pesticides for the vegetable gardenbased on Tabasco - against mammals and birds
Thisnatural pesticideit is particularly useful if your crop is threatened by cute birds. To remove birds from the garden, in addition to putting the classic colored ribbons, you can spray the crops with special repellent solutions. You will need to combine 4 tablespoons of Tabasco sauce, a quarter of water and a teaspoon of organic detergent, the result will be a mixture rich in capsaicin, perfect for removing warm-blooded animals.

Natural pesticides for the vegetable gardenmilk-based - fungicide
Just sprinkle some milk on your crops to ward off many species of fungus. Milk is an excellent fungicide and provides for the growth of iodine.

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