Healthy eating: the taste of being econnivorous

Healthy eating: the taste of being econnivorous

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Healthy nutrition, for whom is meant? For us, humans, or healthy eating for the whole planet, with imaginable consequences on our general health?

That of'Healthy eating, between myth and reality, it is an often elusive concept, certainly in evolution, and that is why Massimo Andreuccioli with his "The econnivore. Food Resistance Handbook"Takes charge of the matter by indicating with precision and simplicity the guidelines to act in our own good but also in the good of others.

In the kitchen and every time we buy food, we are the protagonists and authors of a real revolution, a process that can lead to a healthy eating, but it is not said. It takes awareness and knowledge, in every gesture with which we fill the cart when we go shopping. Watch out for food from intensive farming, for example, or made up of ingredients that do not play in favor of a healthy eatingreally and not just in appearance.

Advertising and appeals, word of mouth: who to trust? Andreuccioli suggests small but important daily gestures, revolutionary to say the least. Refuse the products ofintensive farming, reduce meat consumption, focus on quality rather than quantity, look for alternative markets and unmask commercial and marketing strategies that are harmful to health and hidden behind the slogan of'Healthy eating, apparently. Whoever follows his teachings, having read the book, will become in effect a econnivore, the man of the future, the only human form that in the long run will be able to live in harmony with nature, respecting the environment and benefiting from it.
Useful book to change your diet or to continue your metamorphosis from man to econnivore, very useful, in the appendix, the guide to Italian companies, farms and markets where it is possible to buy Organic products and quality.

You can buy "The econnivore. Food Resistance Handbook”By Massimo Andreuccioli, at the discounted price of 11.9 Euros.

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