Irrigating the lawn, tips and benefits

Irrigating the lawn, tips and benefits

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Irrigate the lawn: especially in the hot season,irrigate the lawnit can be a very strenuous task, in fact, if the frequency of thecutdecreases, in summer, irrigation increases.

When and how muchirrigate the lawn
The answer to "how often should the lawn be watered? " should follow latitude and climatic course, however it is possible to give you one "general rule". Indicatively it is advisable irrigate the lawn every 4-5 days in summer, administering 30-35 liters of water per square meter. From mid-September it will be possible to decrease the frequency and quantity of water administered watering the lawn every 5-7 days and administering 15-20 liters of water per square meter. We remind you of irrigate the lawn after sunset so as to limit the dispersion of water through evaporation.

When irrigate the lawn?
Paying attention to seasonal rainfall.
In summer every 4-5 days.
From autumn every 5-7 days.

How much water to give?
Paying attention to the humidity already present in the atmosphere.
In summer 30-35 liters of water per square meter.
From autumn 15-20 liters of water per square meter.

How to water the lawn
L'lawn irrigationit can be done automatically or manually. For theautomatic lawn irrigationa suitably sized system is set up and connected to a timer. Recommended for business travelers (those who spend months away from home) and for those who own a large lawn.

For themanual irrigationjust equip yourself with a gun, a manual lance system or the classic garden hose even if the hose is not recommended as it will waste a lot of water. In theirrigate the lawnmanually it will be necessary to pay attention to both the pressure (too high could compromise the lawn and clods) and the quantity of water supplied: not all the water administered is absorbed by the plants so it can cause stagnation that damages the roots.

Who wants to providelawn irrigationmanually can use the classic garden hoses that must be connected on one side to the water intake and on the other to a portable adjustable jet lance. Alternatively, sprinklers that operate at low pressure and short range can be connected to the barrel, these can be buried with stakes so as to exploit wider ranges andirrigate the lawnwithout doing "up and down"for the whole surface.

How to water a large lawn
A more laborious solution, but perfect for those with avery large lawn, consists in installing an underground irrigation system: the pipes run under the ground to a safety depth of at least 30 cm. The system starts from a water intake inserted in a well (or cistern) and continues with a series of detours that allow you to reach all the different areas of the garden through T-joints. This irrigation system is suitable for those who want irrigate lawn and the remaining garden (including vegetable garden).



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