How to take care of the lawn

Therelawn careprovides, from season to season, various interventions: removal of moss, rolling, any recovery works of the turf, possible fertilization and other ordinary maintenance works (cutting and irrigation).

There lawn care in summer and autumn
In the warm months of the year, the works ofcutand watering, it all depends on the type of turf we have in the garden. In the articleHow to take care of the lawn in the summerwe examined interventions such as:

  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Re-sowing the lawn
  • The summer irrigation of the lawn
  • Mowing the lawn in the summer

Therelawn carein winter and spring
In winter, in full vegetative rest, thecareto dedicate to the turf are very small, just monitor the growth of the mantle and not be caught unprepared for spring. In winter, when temperatures drop below freezing, anyone who doesn't want to risk damaging the lawn shouldn't step on it!

As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, the turf resumes its vegetative activity, in this delicate phase, totake care of the lawnit will be necessary to provide forpost-winter rolling, fertilization and moss removal.

How to roll the lawn

Before roll the lawn, if the surface of the turf is covered with leaves or twigs, it will be necessary to clean it thoroughly. The rolling of the meadow it is performed away from the rains: if the ground is too wet, it is better to postpone the operation to avoid damaging soil compaction. All information on how to proceed can be found in the article dedicated toRolling the lawn

How to fertilize the lawn

Fortake care of the lawnat best, periodic fertilizations should not be missing. In the two monthsMarch April, when the turf is in full vegetative recovery, a fertilization work must not be missing. Nitrogen, which gives the grass a bright green color and allows for optimal growth, is the key element for vegetative recovery.

On the market there are different types offertilizers for the lawn rich in nitrogen which can be divided into two categories:to readyorslow effect. The first type takes effect immediately but the effect is short-term and can be neutralized by heavy rains, the second takes longer to take effect but nourishes the lawn longer. Regardless of the type of lawn fertilizer, it is important to administer it immediately after a cut.

How to remove moss from the lawn

Moss on the lawn is a very common problem: shaded areas and very humid soil can see the onset ofmosswhich tends to suffocate the turf. Forremove moss from the lawnit is advisable to intervene withiron sulfateto be dissolved at a dose of 20-25 grams per liter of water. The iron sulphate solution should be distributed on the turf, in the area affected by the infestation ofmoss.

After this intervention (wait 2-3 days), the moss will take on a red color and you can remove it with energetic raking. It is recommended to administer iron sulphate before seasonal fertilization so the turf will be stimulated to grow quickly and to plug any gaps associated with the removal of moss.

Warning!The iron sulphate solution can irreversibly stain any surface, be careful not to wet the floor, curbs, work equipment ...

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