How to grow the walnut tree

How to grow the walnut tree: thewalnut cultivationit's amustfor us Italians, despite the sharp decrease in the production ofnutsregistered in the last 30 years.

Just think that in the seventies alone more than 80,000 tons ofnutswhile today only about 15,000 tons are produced.

The main region of Italy producingnutsCampania remains even if in recent times there has been a strong trend change in favor of Emilia Romagna: it is in this region that they are spreading nut plants grown with cutting-edge agronomic techniques.

How to grow the walnut tree

For the needs ofwalnut tree and possibleillnesseswe refer you to the articleHow to grow walnuts, while today we will focus on planting and thecareto be allocated to the walnut grove.

L'walnut treeit must be planted in shallow holes in fact 12 - 15 cm of earth above the roots will suffice. In the choice of the place for the planting of thewot, keep in mind that this plant can grow up to even 25-30 meters in height with an expansive and globular posture of the call.

Since the first year ofcultivationit will be necessary to perform two interventionsgreen pruning: the first will take place when the shoots have reached 20-25 cm (you will have to choose the one destined to constitute the extension of the stem, eliminating the suckers and shortening all the others up to 1-2 leaves on the central access), the second intervention will have to be implemented in summer, in July or in any case during the second vegetative recovery. The second intervention ofwalnut pruningit is performed to favor the central shoot.

Forcultivate the walnut tree, in the early days, you will need to provide a 2.5 - 3 meter wooden stake to tie to the main shoot.

The interventions ofwalnut pruningjust described must also be repeated in the second year, until the tree has reached the height where to form the scaffold, about 2.5 meters from the ground. From the third year ofcultivationthe pruning interventions must be more contained, in fact you will have to limit yourself to removing the nerds, dead branches and badly inserted branches.

Warning!Forcultivate the walnut treeyou will have to be very careful when choosing the variety. The so-called is very important for the vegetation of the treeneed for cold: if thewalnut treenot getting enough cold hours may not produce kernels due to an abnormal vegetative awakening. To choose thewalnut varietythat best suits your climate zone, please refer to the articleNuts, varieties.

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