How to dry mushrooms

How to dry mushrooms

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Fordry the mushrooms, many recommend the use of a special onedryer(on the market there are models of modest size available for 30 euros), however it is easydry the mushroomsin the oven or simply by exploiting the dehydrating power of the sun.

THEdried mushroomscan be kept for about a year, plus, when re-hydrated in hot water, they can take on an appearance and taste almost identical to that of mushrooms fresh.

How to dry mushrooms in the oven

Preheat the oven to 60 ° C and leave the door half open to allow the steam to escape. Clean imushroomsfromdry and wash them thoroughly: contrary to urban legends, imushroomsfresh do not absorb water during washing! Wash the mushrooms thoroughly to remove any residue of earth.

To best clean the mushrooms, scrub them with a brush, especially if it ismushroomswhich have a large number of pleats and corners. Depending onvariety of mushroomsused, it may be more convenient to leave them whole or cut them into slices. Remember: the larger the sections, the longer the times ofdrying.

Spread the sliced ​​mushrooms on a clean cloth and dry them. Arrange the mushrooms well cleaned and dry, on a baking sheet making sure that the slices of mushrooms do not touch each other. Place the pan in the oven and leave it for an hour. After the first hour, remove the pan, turn each section and bake for another hour.

After the second hour, remove the mushrooms from the oven and let them cool completely. At this point, check: if imushroomsare quitebuckets, proceed with storage, while if imushroomsthey are still wet, put them back in the oven and this time check every 30 minutes.

How to dry sunless mushrooms

Dry the mushrooms in the sunit is not complicated at all, it will take days and patience to place the well-cut mushrooms in the sun during the day, and to remove them from humidity in the evening. The only drawback is that some varieties ofmushroomsthey are harvested in autumn, when theSunthere is not. Many gastronomy enthusiasts condemn the method ofdrying of mushroomsbaked because they tend to "cook" i fresh mushrooms rather than drying them. In this context there is an alternative method fordry fresh mushrooms. This method works very well especially for small mushrooms (such as nails) while larger mushrooms must be properly sectioned.

The mushrooms must be hung: using a needle, thread the mushrooms along a thread and hang them in a warm and dry place, perhaps at home, near a window, but only if the environment is free from humidity. To enhance dehydration, it is advisable to use properly shielded artificial lamps.

How to cook dried mushrooms

To use the dried mushrooms you will need to re-hydrate them. For re-hydration, pour plenty of boiling water into a bowl full of dried mushrooms. Let the dried mushrooms soaking for 20 - 30 minutes, after which it will be possible to cook the dried mushrooms just like you would with fresh ones. Those who prefer can “flavor” i dried mushrooms adding sauces or spices to the boiling water.

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