Griffonia: properties and benefits

The extract of Griffonia simplicifolia is a phytotherapeutic remedy recommended to improve the quality of sleep, as an adjuvant against anxiety and headaches and also as an anti-bulimic. The notoriety enjoyed by the Griffonia however, it depends above all on the natural antidepressant properties of the active ingredient contained in the bacilli, 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), a precurson of serotonin (5-HT).

In fact the Griffonia it can be considered a natural source of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and this has recently made it enter the ranking of the most popular phytotherapeutic substances. Recently, because the discovery dates back to a few years ago and seems to have been dictated by the need to find natural alternatives to synthetic tryptophan (used as a precurson of melatonin) after the problems caused by the latter in some patients.

The pharmacological action of the extract of Griffonia simplicifolia it is recognized today, while the secondary effects of this substance on the body are a little less so. The fact that the active ingredient is sold in over-the-counter products reveals that at the moment no contraindications have been identified, at least as regards the minimum and in some cases homeopathic doses of the products on sale.

The extract of Griffonia should be used with caution, following the recommended doses, and it is always better to inform your doctor. In phytotherapeutic products, the concentration of 5-HTP usually does not exceed 20%, but Griffonia is also present in actual pharmacological preparations (on medical ricotta) in which 90% of the active ingredient is reached. Informing the doctor about the use of supplements serves to avoid the dangerous overlap of dosages.

There Griffonia it is an African plant (especially Ghana and Ivory Coast) of the legume family, which is why it is also called the African bean. The active ingredient that is making it one of the most interesting plants on the planet is contained in the seeds, from which the extract is obtained.

Obviously, many already think they can cultivate Griffonia like a normal bean even outside its area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin, including balconies and terraces, but doubts remain to be resolved. For example, it has not been excluded that the particular habitat may influence the presence of the active ingredient in the seeds, which would make the Griffonia grown in the home.

Given that the ideal would be to consume fresh products, in the case of Griffonia the most accessible source is represented by the extracts that can be found on the market (also online) and which can give a good supply of 5-HTP in controlled doses.

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