Candida, natural remedies

Candida, natural remedies

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Therecandid, better defined ascandidiasis, it's a'infentionsuchCandida, of which Candida albicansis the most common.

This microorganism commonly attacks the oral cavity or the genital tract, for example oral thrush and vaginitis. In this article we will discuss thecandidbecause ofvaginal irritation(vaginitis) which can occur with inflammation of the urinary tract and / or genitals, both male and female.

Symptoms of candida in men and women

Therecandidaffecting the female genital tract can cause itching, burning, irritation and acute pain. In men, thecandidaffecting the genital tract causes severe itching or intense burning sensation, red sores and / or localized patches on the foreskin.

The causes of candida

The microorganisms that cause thecandidthey are commonly found in humans but their growth is normally limited by our immune system and other bacteriahousein the sameniches.

Therecandidait can be caused by detergents or disorders (physiological or hormonal) that undermine the normal genital flora. In the vagina, the flora is mainly made up of lactic bacteria as the best knownlactobacillus, when the typical bacterial colonies of our vaginal tract begin toto decrease, theCandida albicanshas the ability to grow thus causing symptoms of infection with subsequent local inflammation.

Therecandidis much more common among women than among men, however, transmission through sexual intercourse with infected partners is not uncommon: it is usually the infected woman who transmits thecandidiasisto man but the opposite can also happen.

Other risk factors that can determine the candid, are pregnancy, the use of oral contraceptives, particular antibiotics and diabetes mellitus. Other risk factors are behavioral:
-wearing wet clothes for a long time
sexual relations with an infected partner
-use of antibiotics
- abuse of intimate hygiene products that can alter the vaginal pH.

Candida - Natural Remedies

Antifungal drugs commonly used to treatcandidiasisthey are clotrimazole, nystatin, fluconazole and ketoconazole but medical advice is required before use and it is always good to ask the pharmacist for preliminary advice. In any case, if the infection is mild it is possible to implement strategies to see a rapid regression of the symptoms fromcandidiasis.

As explained, the vaginal flora is mainly given by lactic bacteria, so foods rich in live cultures such as yogurt can be very useful. Equally beneficial are served with fruit and vegetables. cereals and legumes ... garlic has a strong disinfectant power and can be useful in prevention. Who has problems withcandidashould avoid an excess of sugars and foods rich with yeast as they would accelerate the proliferation of microorganisms responsible forcandidiasis.

Proper nutrition can be accompanied by the application of natural washes. Acidifying washes can be a good natural remedy against the settlement of hostile bacteria. To prepare natural lavender, you can use simple vinegar, combining 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water.

Yogurt, with acidophilic live cultures (capable of living very well in acidic environments such as that of the vaginal cavity), can also be used for the preparation of natural vaginal douches. A jar of yogurt can be applied directly to the area affected by the infection: no more than once a day.

Natural ointments based on chamomile, sage or calendula can be useful. To cleanse properly, it is recommended that you wash your genitals with warm water and sea salt.

Who often suffers from candida it can benefit in advance and implement good prevention starting right from nutrition.

I recommend reading the book "Candida: natural cures and nutrition"Which has a large number of natural remedies and offers ad hoc recipes to combat candida.

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