Treat yourself with clay, here are the properties

Treat yourself with clay, here are the properties

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Thebeneficial properties of clayhave been known since ancient times and still todayclayit is used in natural therapies to cure a large number of ailments.

The clay, the "healing earth", is made up of minute fragments of minerals, and represents a natural remedy effective for purifying, disinfecting, healing, for absorbing gases if ingested and for making the skin more beautiful.

The properties of clay

There are different types of clay and depending on the minerals contained in it (iron, silica, calcium, magnesium ...), it can have various colors and property different. On a descriptive level we can generalize and summarize theproperties of clay:

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties
    L'clayit is a sterile complex able to counteract the activities of bacteria by creating a hostile environment where microorganisms cannot proliferate. For thisproperty, L'clay it is famous for both external and internal use: for a long time it has been used in the elimination of intestinal parasites and to eradicate various infectious forms.
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties
    It is its heat-absorbing capacity (what makes clay popular also in the green building sector), the clay is able to soothe inflammation. For this reason, for external use, it is effective against burns, sprains and bruises.
  • Remineralizing properties
    This property makes theclay a profit natural remedy for joint disorders, minor fractures, osteoporosis or anemia.
  • Absorbent and antitoxic property
    Who chooses toheal yourself with claycan count on the particular structure of this material which would seem a good remedy for aerophagia or even poisoning by toxic substances. L'clayit could be useful against water retention by absorbing fluids and metabolic waste products.
  • Healing properties
    The clay, thanks to the presence of aluminum, would be able to stimulate blood clotting factors thus accelerating the tissue healing process.
  • Alkalizing property
    For internal use, thanks to the amount of basic substances (pH> 7), the clay would be able to alkalize the body.
  • Energizing properties
    The high calcium content strengthens the elastic tissues, the magnesium helps in case of asthenia and the entire mineral system can regenerate the organic activity of our body.

Healing yourself with clay, recommended texts

We recommend reading the book "Healing yourself with clay. A millenary natural therapy"Proposed at 8.50 euros on Amazon. It is true, online there are many tips on how to use clay in natural cosmetics, but often the desired effects differ from reality due to incorrect dosages or ingredients; having a book right next to our clay bag can be useful for making simple and effective DIY products.

We suggested this book because of the easy availability of the ingredients needed to prepare the natural clay-based products described. The first part of the book is dedicated to the history of clay, its fundamental properties and the different techniques of use. After this theoretical part, the author indulges herself in giving advice on how to use clay with detailed therapeutic indications and practical applications. You will be amazed to read how many conditions are treatable by exploiting the beneficial effects ofclay!

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