How to recognize fresh eggs

In this guide we will show you how to recognize fresh eggs; an important question as spoiled eggs can cause serious gastrointestinal diseases, such as salmonella. Just to avoid any problem, before buying eggs for your most delicious recipes, as well as looking at the expiration date, it is good to make sure of their freshness.

It should be noted that by law an egg is considered fresh in the first 28 days after laying. As for eggs with the extra wording, they are eggs laid for less than 9 days: they are therefore the freshest. The letter A indicates eggs of about 70 g, with the B those of about 60 g and those with the letter C of 45 g. Those of category C are generally intended for the confectionery industry. In addition, category A eggs, i.e. all fresh eggs must have the following characteristics:

  • Shell and cuticle: normal, clean, intact
  • Air chamber (the space not occupied by egg white and yolk): height not exceeding 6 mm, while for eggs marketed with the wording "extra", the height must not exceed 4 mm. The extra-fresh (collected and packed daily) have the word "extra" in white on a red band.
  • Albumen: clear, limpid, with a gelatinous consistency, without the presence of foreign bodies of any kind
  • Yolk: visible to candling only as shading, free from foreign bodies of any kind;

How to recognize fresh eggs, some tricks

  • Fill a bowl with water and salt then dip the egg in it. If the egg remains on the bottom in a horizontal position, it means that it is fresh; if instead it is positioned vertically it is less fresh; even worse if it comes to the surface, it means that it is old: in this case, do not use it!
  • Take your egg, place it close to your ear and shake it: if you do not perceive any movement, it means that it is fresh; if, on the other hand, you feel an internal movement of the yolk and the albumen, it means that the egg is old
  • Break the shell carefully, if it has a firm, absolutely rounded appearance and the egg white is compact and concentrated close to the yolk, it means that it is fresh. If it is somewhat liquid and particularly watery, it means that it is not fresh at all
  • Put the egg against the light: if it is old, the air chamber inside the shell is particularly large; for fresh eggs the air chamber is reduced.

What eggs to buy? Useful information

  • Buy only packaged eggs, in plastic or less polluting cardboard containers
  • Check the expiration date which must be 28 days after deposition
  • A code is printed on the shell with information on the production, the IT country is obviously Italy, then the municipality, province, company
  • The type of farming is indicated by a number: in cage 3, on the ground 2, outdoors 1, from organic farming 0. For further information read "How to recognize organic eggs"
  • Free hens lay fewer eggs and therefore cost more, are tastier and are produced with respect for animals.

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