Breeds of ornamental hens

Breeds of ornamental hens

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Between breeds of ornamental hens best known are the hensCochinchina, Brahama, Phoenixand allBantam. Among the ornamental hen breeds there is no shortage of thosedwarfs,the authentic ornamental dwarfs par excellence are the Java Bantams and the miniaturized dwarfs. At the antipodes of Stingray dwarfs are the giant hens, or heavy breeds such as the Cochinchina and the giant Brahama.

Abreed of ornamental henvery rare is thePhoeniz Onagadori, very old and originally from Japan. It is characterized by the continuous growth of the tail feathers which, in the male, can reach an exceptional length of over 8 meters!
This breed is very rare and requires special and constant care, so it is not recommended for amateur breeder. The Phoeniz Onagadori breed comes in different color varieties: white, orange-necked, silver-necked, gold-necked, black. And among thebreeds of ornamental hensrarer and therefore more expensive.

Therebreed of ornamental henFaverolles has a very calm character, is of French origin and is appreciated for its thick beard and thick tufts of feathers that cover its face. At the beginning theFaverolleswas bred for its meat, ornamental breeding began in the twentieth century when it was considered a breed to be bred for show or as a companion. Unlike the racePoeniz Onagadori, this ornamental hen is not at all rare, in France it is supported by a large number of breeders, so much so that a dedicated club has been established. In Italy it is preferred to breed the German type Faverolles. The Faverolles is an imposing breed, the rooster has a minimum weight of 3.5 kg while the hen weighs 2.8 kg. Despite the size, the posture is elegant.

ThereFit Nanais an ancient dwarf breed of Dutch origins. It is also nicknamed the Dutch dwarf while it is known to the rest of the world as Sabelpoot. It is characterized by very plumed legs and is bred exclusively for ornamental purposes in many varieties of color! The FIAV recognizes the following varieties of colors: birch, white, columbia white, white chamois, silver collar, gold collar, fawn, pearl gray, millefiori, millefiori lemon, black, black flecked with white, porcelain, red and sparrow hawk.

Who is on the hunt forrare ornamental breeds of chickens,in addition to Phoeniz Onagadori can point to Pictava, is of French origin but very little spread outside the borders of France. The Pictava is present only in the coloringGold neck, has rather low legs, abundant cape and a very developed tail. It is the only breed ofdwarf hensof French origin.

Sebright is onedwarf breed of ornamental hen, it is the typical ornamental English pet chicken. It is one of the smallest breeds of chicken, in fact the weight amounts to about 600 grams for hens and about 700 grams for chickens. The recognized colors are silver with black hem, suede with white hem, lemon with black hem, gold with black hem.

Breeds of ornamental hens

  • Moroseta hen
  • Sicilian
  • Dwarf cochinchina
  • Nagasaky
  • Dwarf wyandotte
  • Livornese
  • Sebright
  • Sabelpoot
  • Dutch dwarf
  • Paduan giant tuft
  • Paduan curly nano tuft
  • Marans
  • Valdarno
  • Cochinchina
  • Araucana
  • Phoenix
  • Faverolles
  • Serama
  • Hamburg scoured
  • Bantam
  • Dutch forelock
  • Giant Brahama
  • Phoeniz Onagadori

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