Tricks to save electricity

In this guide you will find interesting solutions with a view to energy saving; they are resolutions, new habits to be acquired that in any case do not upset our daily life.

Here is 10 tricks to save electricity in home; the environment and also your wallet will gain.
Tricks to save electricity, 10 useful tips

1) Prefer the shower to the bathroom. Try to moderate the time spent under the pouring water, it is pleasant, it is true, but try to use only the water actually needed. Also keep in mind that washing is very important, but sometimes we abuse soap. Taking a shower every day is certainly essential in summer, when you sweat, but not in winter.

2) Also install a water temperature regulator: in addition to avoiding unpleasant burns, you will avoid wasting energy.

3) Use the air conditioning and heating responsibly. If you have a programmable boiler, make sure that it warms up during the hours you are present at home, or at most that it starts fifteen to twenty minutes before your return from the office, on particularly cold days. Air conditioning requires a large amount of energy: before turning it on, try the dehumifier function, sometimes it is enough to improve the situation.

4) Beware of the so-called "vampires", that is, all those LED lights on stereos, computers, TVs and household appliances that remain lit even when the device is turned off. They indicate that there is still a passage of energy. Totally wasted energy. When you finish watching TV or listening to the stereo, turn it off manually by pressing the appropriate button, not only with the remote control.

5) In this sense, it may be useful to use a power strip, which many call a "power strip": a device that allows the insertion of different electrical sockets, equipped with a button that allows a common passage of electricity. Before going to sleep or leaving the house, simply press that single button to simultaneously disconnect the power supply to all connected devices

6) Install long-lasting, low-energy bulbs. They cost a little more but over time they will give you considerable savings (and you won't have the hassle of having to change them). Also consider the installation of solar panels

7) Do you have a ceiling fan but think that "it is not necessary because it only moves hot air"? Don't underestimate it: not only can it make the air cooler but even warmer in autumn! If you set the fan to turn clockwise, it will bring warm air to the ground; if you set it to turn counterclockwise, it will bring fresh air to the ground. Read the fan instructions carefully, they will certainly contain other tricks.

8) To maintain a constant temperature, hot or cold, it is important that the house is well insulated, and therefore that there are no drafts or cracks. Check the fixtures periodically: a tightly closed window heats much more than any radiator. Also available on the market are nice "windproof" gadgets in the shape of snakes or colored caterpillars which, in addition to plugging the cracks, are particularly loved by children.

9) Even window panes can play their part. If the house faces south and receives a lot of sun, in the summer it inevitably turns into a greenhouse and air conditioning becomes a necessity. However, there are special reflective glass on the market that are perfectly transparent from the inside, but which actually produce a "mirror effect" that lets in the light but does not allow the sun's rays to invade the living room. In this way the inside of the house will heat up less and you will use less air conditioning

10) A simple gesture that is too often forgotten: let's always remember to turn off the light when we leave a room.

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