Eco-friendly self-inking stamps

THE eco-friendly self-inking stamps they perform the same functions as normal self-inking stamps but in addition contribute to protect the environment.

There plastic gods eco-friendly self-inking stamps comes for at least the 65% from recycled materials and the packaging with which the stamp is sold is made with recycled cardboard.

In addition the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the production cycle of these stamps are neutralized by the manufacturer through investment in projects aimed at environmental protection, in the "Gold standard project" category.

To further minimize the environmental impact of this product, you can order the stamp online, as I did, in the special section dedicated to eco-friendly self-inking stamps of the site

You can choose your stamp based on 3 different sizes:

Eco-friendly self-inking stamp Printer 20 GL , with dimensions of 14 x 38mm, at a cost of 12 Euros.

Eco-friendly self-inking stamp Printer 30 GL , with dimensions of 18 x 47mm, at a cost of 13 Euros.

Ecological self-inking stamp Printer 40 GL , with dimensions of 23 x 59mm, at a cost of 14 Euros.

By increasing the size it is possible to insert a greater number of lines or, in the Printer 40 Gl version, it is also possible to insert your own logo.

For the ecological stamp of IdeeGreen I opted for the Princer 30 GL model, of medium size, which you can see in the opening image of this article.

For the stamp customization you can use the online wizard mask which allows you to act on a large number of parameters including: number of lines, border, ink color, type and size of the character (font), alignment, line spacing and indentation.

To be 100% sure of receiving the ideal stamp, it is possible to print a “control .pdf” which corresponds exactly to the printout that will generate the ordered stamp.

Eco-friendly self-inking stamp: the customization mask

Once satisfied with the result, you can proceed with the purchase by clicking on the "Add to cart" button and selecting the preferred payment method between Credit card with Paypal, advance bank transfer (or payment to postal current account) and Cash on delivery (available with a surcharge of 4 Euros and for orders of at least 20 Euros).

The product was delivered to me within days of ordering and I was also able to verify thebest quality in relation to other stamps I had previously purchased.

What to add? An absolutely recommended product with an excellent quality / price ratio and that allows you to contribute to environmental protection!

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