Dogo argentino: character, nutrition and price

Dogo argentino: character, nutrition and price

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Dogo Argentino means courage, it means a dog that is not simple but powerful and powerfully affectionate, yes, even with children.And, let's specify immediately, it is a duty: if the Dogo Argentino was one of those listed in the list of dangerous dog breeds, has not been since March 2009.

If we really want to "pigeonhole" what is instead an independent dog and that certainly does not allow itself to be labeled, like the Dogo Argentino, we can insert it, as per the F.C.I. classification, in group 2 , together with Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs.

Dogo Argentino: characteristics and appearance

The first Standard of the Dogo Argentino it dates back to 1928, but to obtain the official recognition of the International Federation this animal, although never giving up, had to wait until 1964 and from that moment on this breed has spread all over the world. Today it is also well bred in Italy and, among the big game hounds, the Dogo Argentino however, he remains the only molosser.

The average size of the Dogo Argentino - males range from 62 to 68 cm, females from 60 to 65 - it must not deceive us into considering it a "medium dog": it is one of the most muscular and robust, it is literally sculpted in the physique, from nose to tail. It wasn't even really a statue!

Even his skeleton of the Dogo Argentino it is powerful, massive, and shows itself as all Molosser, robust and tonic. He is entirely white, however, a color that follows him in his sweeping and confident movements, made with an alert and receptive expression.

The body of the Dogo Argentino it is proportionate, the harmonies that accompany caressing it with the gaze from the head to the trunk up to the limbs are pleasant while the jaws, very solid and robust, stand out more clearly. On the other hand, he was selected for fighting for many years and in his country the Dogo Argentino it is used for hunting. An activity in which a very firm grip is absolutely required, as well as a good sense of smell, courage, endurance and speed. All cards that the Dogo Argentino can play to become the dog of your dreams.

To look him in the face well, then, without dwelling on the slightly intimidating jaws, the Dogo Argentino it shows a nice nose, black and slightly leaning forward, and a muzzle well developed in width, a little concave, an almost exclusive feature.

In the pure white of its coat, the short lips must have black edges and open on a large and well developed set of teeth. The regularity of the teeth is also essential for the Dogo Argentino which compensates for the aggressive jaw with two dark brown eyes, hazelnut, well separated and edged in black. A bit like he had eyeliner and this makes the look ambivalent: it can be read as attentive and lively, but also hard and relentless, especially in males.

The ears of the Dogo Argentino, set high, are often cropped and carried straight, otherwise they remain of medium length, broad, thick, flat and rounded at the end, swaying at the pace of this dog, calm, before galloping with all its energy and white power.

Aerodynamic even in the coat this dog wastes no time when shooting, attracted to something or someone. The mantle of the Dogo Argentino it is in fact short and smooth, in general, even if density and thickness vary according to the climate. Never the color that remains pure white. Combined, with character and color, here is a perfect collar.

Dogo Argentino: origins

I mentioned the character but, before getting to deepen it, a leap into our past Dogo Argentino, to discover its creator. He was called Antonio Nores Martínez, and together with his brother Augustín and his father Antonio, in the first decades of the twentieth century he had "set" to create a dog suitable for hunting big game in the Argentine pampas.

He would also have to deal with pumas, peccaries, and wild boars: no jokes. And indeed he got the Dogo Argentino.

The three men hunters crossed the room perro de Pelea Cordobès, with bulldogs, bull terriers and mastiffs, for a combative touch, and with Great Dane, Dogue de Bordeaux, Pyrenean mountain dog, Irish greyhound and pointer, for a more huntress disposition. In 1928 here is the new breed "Dogo Argentino“, As we said, followed by the standard published in 1947, and by official recognition in 1964.

As promised, here's the character of the Dogo Argentino, even if by now we have guessed it, from the mix of races from which it was born. This 4-legged dog is an excellent guard and defense dog, rather intelligent and crafty, so much so that it deserves an ad hoc plaque.

This inclination does not exclude that the Dogo Argentino may also be exceptionally sweet and affectionate. His slightly grumpy appearance, at times, hides an ability to unconditionally love not only the owner but also the members of the family. It shows itself suspicious towards strangers, but he is not aggressive towards people and his is not an undifferentiated antipathy, only if he "smells" something wrong between "others" and "his". And it doesn't matter that he wears a flirty shirt back to his origins.

Lover of the outdoors, excellent walker, the Dogo Argentino he is not by nature a fearful dog. Indeed, he is a dog of character and has courage, which gives him self-confidence, great balance, the ability to assess every situation in a calm way and act accordingly, with intelligence.

Not bad the character of this Dogo Argentino who, banishing urban and wild legends, has inherited from his "bulldog" branch a remarkable psychic balance and a lively intelligence. It is not an agitated dog, it can occasionally become one if "exposed" to "critical" situations such as a too chaotic walk in the center, children running, people with umbrellas, hats, motorbike and car traffic.

Dogo Argentino: health

The Dogo Argentino may have skin-related health problems, in particular is prone to several types of dermatitis. To prevent this type of disease it is advisable to use an antiseptic shampoo.

Being a large breed dog, the Dogo Argentino is often subject to rapid growth and can be predisposed to hip dysplasia and stomach torsion.

To know how to best deal with this type of problem or limit its occurrence, it is advisable to rely on your trusted veterinarian.

Another health problem that the Dogo Argentino can be subjected to is deafness.

Dogo argentino: nutrition

The diet of the Dogo Argentino must be particularly careful, especially in the first months, since it is in this period of time that it grows rapidly.

For its daily needs it is advisable to buy high quality dry feed. In addition to feed, home-cooked food can work well: it is advisable to provide him with pasta, rice, meat, bread and vegetables.

If you decide to opt for a homemade diet, you need to use special supplements.

Upon reaching the first year of age, you can opt for a more contained diet by opting for low-fat and low-protein feed.

Dogo argentino: price

For what concern price, for a puppy it is usually around 1,000 euros, swaying from 900 to 1,200 depending on the vaccinations made and, first and foremost, by the pedigree. It is true that there are offers of € 300 and claims of € 1,900 online. Here, in this case, and in any case, always contact certified facilities, better if recommended by veterinarians or experts and never without taking a look yourself at the documentation, presence of microchip and certificates. It is whispered that under a thousand euros, there may be some "stain" on the white fur of the Dogo Argentino they want to offer you.

Before saying goodbye to the Dogo Argentino, and maybe think about buying one, better know how to deal with a guy like that. Consistency and firmness must always be used. The Dogo Argentino from an early age he rewards courageous behavior like his and consistent, firm and honest, without "random orders". Also know, therefore no illusion, that he will never do anything that is not congenial to him just to make himself liked by you. If that's what you expect from yours Dogo Argentino, settle for a keychain in his image and likeness.

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