Here comes the anti-refill cap for oil

Here comes the anti-refill cap for oil

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What requires the use ofanti-refill capto the bottles ofoil it is a much discussed measure. Let's see in detail what the law says, what are the fines foreseen for offenders and the ongoing controversies.

Mandatory anti-topping cap for oil bottles

For those who supply food and drinks to the public (restaurants, bars, canteens, fast food, motorway restaurants ...), the obligation toantirabbo capatcruetsmade available to diners.

Even the farms they supplyoilevo to restaurants and / or guests of the annexed farmhouse, must comply with this obligation.

The mandatory nature of theanti-refill capit is prescribed by Law no. 161 of 30 October 2014, law published in the Official Gazette no. 261 of 10-11-2014 on the Ordinary Supplement n. 83.

The law was enacted to guarantee the consumer the origin of the oil found in the oil tank. Thanks toanti-refill capthe consumer can consult the original oil label and be sure of what he is using to season.

What the legislation on the anti-refill cap says

"The virgin olive oils offered in packages in public establishments, without prejudice to cooking and meal preparation uses, must be presented in containers labeled in accordance with current legislation, provided with a suitable closure device so that the contents cannot be modified without the package being opened or altered and equipped with a protection system that does not allow reuse after the original content indicated on the label has been used up ".

The fines foreseen for offenders
For those who do not adopt theanti-refill cappenalties ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 euros and the seizure of containers that do not comply with the law are envisaged.

The criticisms of consumers and producers

Therelaw on the anti-refill caphas aroused various criticisms and perplexities, not only among producers! In the first place, why this limitation of the obligation of labeling and theanti-refill capis it revised only for virgin or extra virgin olive oil? The law does not mention non-virgin olive oil.

In short, farms that supply a quality product such as virgin or extra virgin olive oil, if on the one hand they are protected, on the other hand they have to bear an additional burden and cost. The protection offered to producers is also marginal because the majority of consumers do not realize the poor quality of the oil without a label.

Further damage to producers is that the law of theanti-refill capdoes not provide the necessary timelines to adapt the production chain with the acquisition of suitable equipment and better manage the old bottles and / or caps.

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