The blueberry harvest

The blueberry harvest

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The blueberry harvest it's always a party. The right time is in summer, June-August, for the blueberries. In the fall for cranberries or cranberries.

Here in Italy the Blackberry, also called American blueberry, which grows spontaneously in the northern regions halfway up the mountain. It can also be grown and each plant can produce up to 1.5 kilograms of blueberries.

The ripening is gradual from late spring to August and the blueberry harvest it always depends on the cultivated varieties. The rule of blueberries is that you shouldn't be in a hurry, but you shouldn't lose the moment: the fruits must be harvested only when the berry is completely colored, without leaving them ripe on the plant for a long time because they wither and fall.

Another rule that you learn the first collection is to handle them as little as possible. THE ripe blueberries they're firm, but it's easy to pinch them with your fingers or ruin them in the bin when you take too many. Much better to pick only the ready berries and make harvests more frequent, at least every three days for blueberries grown in the middle period of ripening.

Done harvesting blueberries the problem of their conservation arises. Out of the refrigerator, unmodified blueberries resist rot well for up to 4-5 days, but wither quickly and the surface of the nice smooth balls crinkles. The taste remains good but the berries become less suitable for some preparations, for example to accompany sweet creams and ice creams or to make delicious jams.

A refrigerator is enough for preserve the blueberries until late autumn. No freezer and freezing, the constant temperature of 2-3 ° C is sufficient, which is usually reached in almost all refrigerators in the lower part of the compartments. With freezing, the expiry date moves even further and reaches the year with frozen blueberries. Remember, however, that freezing and freezing are two different things and freezing is not a feasible process at home.

Blueberries, together with currants, raspberries and mulberry blackberries, are considered a 'superfood' with dietary and healing properties whose consumption is considered important for the defense of health.

If you want to plant a blueberry in a pot, try these:

Late giant blueberry

Early giant blueberry

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