Plants for domestic water purification

Plants for domestic water purification

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The potability of tap water is often at the center of doubts and debates; for this reason, many people are looking for filtering systems that can purify water.

In addition to purification plants, there are small and comfortable jugs equipped with purifying filters, but are they effective? Let's see in detail what the systems for purifying water tap. For more information read "Tap water is bad"

Domestic activated carbon filters
These are devices capable of retaining some substances, especially organic pollutants; however, they cannot eliminate bacteria and nitrates and affect the hardness of the water. Their structure also creates the conditions for the cultivation of certain bacteria. For this reason, activated carbon devices must have, by law, a system that disinfects the water after treatment.
On the market there are jugs equipped with activated carbon filters starting from 20 euros.

Ion exchange filters
These devices have resins capable of triggering a chemical process that reduces the hardness of the water; retains dangerous metals such as nickel, cobalt, barium ...
For a similar system, the cost starts at 700 euros.

Reverse osmosis filters
This device is equipped with a semi-waterproof membrane where water passes forcibly, bringing with it only some substances and in given quantities. Compared to other purification plants, this filtration eliminates almost all the substances present in the water and partly even the positive ones.
They are very bulky systems, since they have to separate the water into two streams, thus also leading to a large waste of water: to obtain a certain amount of pure H2O, a lot of it must be discarded.
The cost for this system starts from 600 up to 3000 Euros.

Which purification plant to choose? To purify the water in the house, without having to spend a lot, we can use the carafe. Also on this front there are differences of opinion: there are those who praise their effectiveness or who even claim that they are harmful.

The water machine
A device that seems to make everyone agree (experts, public opinion, wallets) is the water machine. Several models are available on the market that use the filtering systems described above but make the technology widely consumed: being mass products, the price is also more accessible. For further information, we refer you to the specific article "Water carbonator: opinions and advice"

In any case, before purchasing any domestic water purification device, it is good to inquire; let's not forget that water is a precious asset for our health.

Even when we buy mineral water, we should make sure that it comes directly from the springs, scams involving the health of the water are on the agenda.

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